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Sparks of creative from metal artist Gary Vulcano



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"I don't think outside of      the box; I think of what I  can do with the box."

Gary Vulcano

melts, molds and fuses metal and other dazzling materials to form dramatic, quirky and thought-provoking sculptures of enduring beauty. Each sculpture is a unique and original creation curated from the mind of Gary Vulcano, one of the most applauded new talents in metal.


Browse the gallery of metal works displayed on this website. Or share your own creative concepts with Gary, and let him bring them to life.



For more than 35 years, Gary Vulcano has been a highly regarded advertising strategist, creative director and agency principal. Advertising has been the ideal medium for Gary’s unique combination of artistic skill and marketing savvy.


He’s been repeatedly recognized for his outstanding creative and effective strategy and he has built a prominent regional ad agency. Throughout his career, Gary has also pursued his passion for fine art in the form of metal sculpture. Shortly after offering his imaginative creations to the public, Gary attracted a small but growing group of devoted followers and fanatics. The two vocations have synergistically empowered Gary to achieve exceptional results in both fields.


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